Investment Promotion And Finance

Countries around the world vie powerfully for investment that can persuade faster economic development and employment creation by technology, infusing capital, and competence into key industries. Emergent and intermediary countries must prioritize interesting investment their development approach, specifically given the current financial crisis.

An important question for investment advancement intermediaries in these countries is how to progress the investor outreach, facilitation, aftercare, and plan to attract direct investment.
Commonly, Investment Promotion and finance have basic functions: image building of Foreign Direct Investment hosting country, investment generation, project management and after care services.

In cooperation with other authorities, as well as other public and private bodies, is to contribute to the expansion and accomplishment of the council policy in the field of investments promotion.
The council identifies the significance of endorsing trade and inward investment, and building trade and investment relations. It concentrates on encouraging exports, to influence international growth for the development of each economy, through the institution of mutual agreements with existing trading partners and vibrant fast-growing rising markets.

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