Mission and Vision

The Council on Arab Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean is a non-governmental and non-partisan organization instituted to reinforce relations between the Arab World and Latin America and the Caribbean.
It seeks to enhance appropriate and much-required methods to delve into a broad range of discourse and communal collaboration on a broad array of matters of mutual issues, as well as trade and commerce, investment, social development, higher education, and cultural exchange.

Our intention is for the economic and socio-cultural collaboration between the countries of the Arab world, Latin America and the Caribbean to arrive at a sustainable enthusiasm, made upon the accomplishment of mutual benefits for the societies of both regions.
Arriving at these benefits needs these societies to distinguish that they are united not only by the need to attain their interests but also by a body of common values, principles, and ideals. These include, among others:

  • Dialogue among civilizations
  • Tolerance
  • Inclusive and cohesive societies