and Founding Member is being interviewed during the CARLAC Press Conference

Mohamed Dekkak Chief Financial Officer and Founder Member

Mr. Mohamed Dekkak is the Chief Financial Officer and Founding Member of Carlac. The organization named ‘Council for Arab Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean’ is developing and improving the infrastructure of environmental issues and supporting for the progress of economic growth.  Mr. Mohamed Dekkak is a social entrepreneur by heart, while integrating business leadership in all his endeavors. His passion pushes him to commit his expertise to companies that share the same vision. He believes that giving comes in many forms. It goes beyond the material nature of handing out a piece to someone. This is the reason he has been involved in many foundations as well as organizations promoting social and cultural interests.

The idea of Carlac

The Arab world and Latin America are two huge and indispensable areas with blasting financial development and energetic creating social orders. They likewise have solid complementarities and shared interests that stay generally undiscovered. The degree for expanded reciprocal relations linking the two locales is tremendous.

Vitality, sustenance security and horticulture, sustainable power source, condition, mining, data innovation, and infrastructural improvement are among the most open divisions that would quickly profit by expanded business and venture ties between Arab nations and Latin American.

More noteworthy activities for logical innovative work participation and tasks would help fabricate cooperative energies in fields, for example, biotechnologies, characteristic assets administration, the board, and sustainable power sources. The improvement of Arab‐Latin American trade and communication in training, culture, and expressions of the human experience would encourage a superior shared comprehension of every locale’s developments, dialects, and accounts. Specifically, broad understudy trade projects can place the preparation and make systems for the long haul advancement of ever-more profound dimensions of comprehension and participation.

At the worldwide dimension, a more grounded association between the two areas can reinforce the body electorate for economic advancement, environmental change the board, guaranteeing worldwide and provincial steadiness, advancing security, neediness decrease, and creating sound global financial approaches and guideline. Cooperating, Latin America and the Arab world can reinforce their individual and aggregate voices on various issues of shared worry in universal associations and multilateral gatherings.

The vision

We seek to achieve a manageable vitality, for the financial and socio-social organization between the nations of the Caribbean, Arab world, and Latin America based upon the accomplishment of shared advantages for the two areas’ social orders.

Accomplishing these advantages requires these social orders to perceive that they are joined not just by the need to accomplish their interests yet in addition by an assortment of normal standards and qualities. These incorporate, among others, the discourse among human advancements, resilience, and comprehensive and firm social orders.

The mission

The Rabat Center which has been as of late settled has as goal to create suitable systems to advance discourse and participation in a wide scope of issues of shared intrigue; and to do as such, it will embrace research, programming and open arrangement investigation that draw in both the business division, governments, the media and organizations on key issues of basic concern. To execute its main goal successfully, the Center will:

  • Advance exchange and speculation between the two districts.
  • Encourage the discourse and discussion about subjects and issues of intrigue.
  • Give a typical space to scholastics and specialists from the two areas in which they can cooperate and share their thoughts and research for the improvement of inventive recommendations.
  • Fill in as a conductor for understudy trade between the districts to advance communication with the expectation of making a system of youthful grown-ups that will cooperate for common advantage.
  • Sort out workshops and meetings that address points of basic intrigue, for example, nourishment security, farming, vitality, foundation, and training. ]Exhort and plan useful answers for both the administration and private division keen on connecting with the other area.
  • Train youthful experts from people in general and private parts keen on drawing in with the other locale.
  • Cultivate associations with comparable associations and organizations from the two locales to make a powerful system of foundations dedicated to comparative objectives.
  • Fill in as an extension between Latin Americans of Arab legacy and their nations of beginning to reconnect them to their underlying foundations and build up a basic reason for more grounded ties between Latin America and the Arab World.
  • Distributions (books, reports, arrangement briefs, statistical surveying, and database)
  • Workshops, classes, and gatherings
  • Understandings between colleges, exhibition halls, professional fare organizations, medical clinics, and so forth.

The Arab world, the Caribbean and Latin America

The Arab World is a critical, dynamic and quickly evolving district. It’s the essential spot of the most vital worldwide energy holds, just as enormous capital assets and critical powerful culture. Quite a bit of its populace of no less than 350 million are youthful and upwardly versatile and is quickly having its spot in the globalized economy and open circle.

Latin America is similarly critical. Its broad populace, totaling more than 550 million individuals, incorporates around 17 million of the Arab starting point, establishing the biggest populace of Arabs living outside North Africa and the Middle East. These Latin Americans of Arab plummet have encountered colossal achievement in various fields, especially business, scholastics, and governmental issues, demonstrating that they have been absorbed into the Latin American traditions and social orders. This experience unequivocally recommends that improved collaboration between the two locales is both attainable and attractive, and builds up a critical reason for creating more grounded financial, social, and political ties.

Numerous pieces of Latin America and the Arab World have encountered monetary development in spite of the worldwide money related emergency, and could emphatically profit by more prominent business, exchange and business collaboration to cooperate to shield themselves and each other from household and universal financial weights.

The relations with Latin American nations have seen numerous positive advancements over the previous years. Be that as it may, these relations have not come to up the political coordination level trusted, in spite of the presence of a political instrument to talk about methods for participation in the fields of economy, culture, sciences, innovation, the travel industry, and other important zones. The Summit of Arab and Latin American nations, as of late held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, amid the period 10 to 11 November 2015 denoted an alternate vision in relations.

It was gone before with three other summits. The first was held in Brasilia, Brazil in 2005, and after that Doha, Qatar facilitated the second in 2009 pursued by Lima, Peru in 2012.

The Riyadh Summit, just as the three different summits, settled on essential choices. They all should be caught up with an execution strategy. The usage will bring a subjective and huge jump in the relations among Arab and Latin American nations notwithstanding the size of basic enthusiasm among them and regardless of the enormous advantages that can be accomplished by reinforcing the obligations of participation between the two areas.

The Latin American involvement in ongoing decades in managing fast social, financial, and political changes can fill in as a ground-breaking reason for exchange and collaboration with an Arab World presently experiencing noteworthy changes and headways over the social, political and monetary register.

The Latin American district, with 34 part states at the United Nations, can practice huge impact whenever joined behind specific causes, for example, the goals of the Palestinian/Arab-Israeli clash dependent on universal authenticity. Almost all inclusive South American acknowledgment of Palestine has been an imperative commitment to the universal agreement for closure the contention by making a Palestinian state. With the help of numerous Latin American nations, the United Arab Emirates had the capacity to win the offer for the central station for the International Renewable Energy.

The introduction of the Council for Arab Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean (CARLAC)

The Arab-Latin American Meeting is a gathering that was graced by more than one hundred best delegates and past clergymen from both the Arab group and Latin America to talk about methods for upgrading their monetary ties. The summit was arranged by the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development and the United Arab Emirates University, held in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. in the year 2012 completely supported by Sheik Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan who was then the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of U.A.E.

The discussion is a yearly occasion in various nations in the locale bringing specialists to find new venture prospects and develop to more contracts.

The principal gathering was held in the Dominican Republic in July 2010. Costa Rica facilitated the second gathering in 2011 while the third version occurred in Columbia. Those agents who went to the Abu Dhabi meeting prescribed that the Council for Arab Relations with Latin America and the Caribbean (CARLAC) be shaped to outline, lead and aid the union of the Arab-Latin American ties. Another capacity of the board is to complement the impact of the commitment for budgetary and socio-social development which can be cultivated by perceiving its shared advantages for the people of the two areas. In the interim, the gatherings included must be aware of the way that joint aggregate philosophy and theories confine them.

The inspiration to execute a comprehensive society over the span of common help is the thing that the CARLAC plan to realize. CARLAC is set up to improve economical advancement in the Arab countries just as their South American partners by building up a veritable shared comprehension for the headway and preferred standpoint of the two regions.

We should not veer off from the way that, CARLAC is a non-benefit and unprejudiced affiliation that is intended to saddle, differing, compelling methods for building up the correct arrangement of systems that will investigate an expansive chain of dealings and aggregate help on certain worries that are of speculation related shared prosperity just as exchange and trade, advanced education, venture related and social interviews.

The principal tradition of the Council denoting the genuine association of CARLAC was held in February 2014 at the Dominican Republic, an occasion that was led by the previous President of Dominican Republic in the individual of His Excellency and Highness Sheik Nahyan Mubarak Al‐

The board finished up at the pinnacle of the occasion to build two bases for every one of the areas; one for LAC and the other for MENA to complete the mission of the gathering just as accomplishing all that the represented viably. The two subdivisions are to be sorted out for the program and technique delineate just as assessment and examination improvement. Both LAC and MENA are anticipated to improve the monetary state, common society and the local governments are relied upon to develop the budgetary state, common society, and the commonplace governments.

Having an Investment bank that will be centered around the locales and new arrangements were likewise postponed for discourses amid the occasion. The proposed money related organization would help and introduce speculations and exchange connections between the whole regions.

There are a few territories of the two areas that have accomplished monetary headway regardless of their worldwide money related circumstance and what they can profit by progressively noticeable business, exchange, and business organization to collaborate to keep each other from the neighborhood and intercontinental financial issues. CARLAC investigate the extension of various sections to help gainfulness and speculation openings between the two districts.

A portion of the zones that CARLAC targets incorporate instruction and culture, sustenance security and farming, Renewable vitality, mining, exchange and business, framework advancement, venture, data innovation to make reference to only a couple; are the segments that the committee is taking a gander at to give the Arab nations and Latin America with gainful chances.

Much better projects in the zone of logical innovative work, backing and strategies would add to the gathering of coordinated efforts in various orders like biotechnologies, the executives and elective vitality sources and common assets administration. The progression of Arab-Latin American trade and correspondence in the subjects like training, culture and human expressions would animate a superior common understanding of every district’s kin, language, and recorded periods. Thoroughly, broad understudy trade projects can establish the framework and make cooperative energies for the proceeding with the improvement of numerous unimaginable statures of comprehension and coordinated effort.