Mohamed Dekkak

Mohamed Dekkak is a Moroccan ex-pat businessman; sports enthusiast, public speaker, philanthropist and charity advocate living in the United Arab Emirates.
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Mohamed Dekkak

Mohamed Dekkak is a businessman and Moroccan ex-pat; sports enthusiast, public speaker, philanthropist, and charity advocate living in the United Arab Emirates. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Adgeco Group, a consulting firm, which focuses on oil and gas, planning, engineering, EPC construction, renewable energy, green energy, and many more. Mohamed Dekkak has comprehensive experience in business and economic sustainability that was based overseas. He has high academic and industry qualifications under his belt. He had a vision in building innovation and victory by giving support for start-up businesses in the U.A.E. Despite being excellent in his endeavors, Mohamed Dekkak carries the mission to opening doors and supply unlimited opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs to excel in their chosen industry and be able to utilize their strengths, building long-lasting working relationships with his clients. He’s also a person who has advocacy in promoting the welfare of others by holding organizations and charity events for different causes. Multilingual, Mohamed can converse and write English, Arabic, and French fluently, the leading factors why he became a successful Moroccan ex-pat businessman.

Mohamed Dekkak: A Thriving Entrepreneur

Mohamed Dekkak began to build his empire, the Adgeco Group way back in 1992. Over the past decades, Mr. Dekkak proved that his leadership towards the company and its people were bound to excellence with joint projects and various collaborations with other start-up businesses. He is a notable expert in the business industry of the U.A.E, who has enhanced ability in various fields of economy. He has vast experience in managing mechanical tools and frameworks in the oil and gas industry and interior planning. He has a philosophy in mind that to see success; you must take a step towards it, whatever it takes. With his objective in mind in keeping the start-up companies that he helped afloat with whatever they need, Mohamed Dekkak ensures that he is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and connections that they needed as he is always in tune with his company goals, vision, and mission. The group of companies that he’s involved with is in-tuned with various segments in a large-scale economy with social obligation aphorism and economic sustainable development.

With the outstanding leadership of Mr. Dekkak, Adgeco Group has carved its way in the economy of the United Arab Emirates. The company has made different collaborations with different companies and organizations namely: Dubai Municipality, Dubai Islamic Bank, Dubai Natural Gas Company, Abu Dhabi Municipality, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Gulf Marine Services, ADMA OPCO, and many more. Adgeco Group’s primary role is providing expertise in promoting start-up businesses in their business proposals so that they can access different government and private sectors. Mr. Dekkak knew that his perspective in meeting ends with the tight competition and high standards on staying afloat in the economic market, Adgeco is ready in providing adequate solutions, innovations, and strategies for implementing businesses in the right track. His dedication and reasonable cause to his company are unimaginable.

 Mohamed Dekkak as a Philanthropist and a Man of Cause

Mr. Dekkak is not only an entrepreneur and a bright man but also has a heart to the needs of others. He had a strong belief that one must share to the world all the good things in life to live harmoniously and accordingly. He has this vision of giving back and be able to share his success. He is very much involved in promoting the wellness and welfare of other people. In lieu with these things, he founded the Anouar Association, a non-profit organization that launches projects to the neglected and underprivileged children and elders of Ait Faska, a community found in the province of Marrakech, Morocco. The association was founded on January 5, 2007, with the main objective of providing a safe haven and improves the quality of life of its recipients through various charity and fund-raising events thus promoting the spirit of volunteerism. He conducted and organized events for causes that can help elevate our Muslim brothers and sisters that needed financial, moral and opportunity support.

Through the act of generosity, Mr. Dekkak was awarded the “Star Bright” and “Gold Star” awards. These awards were proof of his enthusiasm to do charitable causes and promote awareness of various social problems. These also compensate for the remarkable dedication and efforts in rendering his services for the promotion of certain issues in society as well as in the business world.

 Mohamed Dekkak’s Exciting Life

Mohamed Dekkak is a keen supporter of multiple social activities. He usually attends events that promote social awareness, equestrian activities, culture, and arts. Through these events, he met a lot of other influential people and made acquaintance with them. Also, Mohamed Dekkak is an avid promoter of Ibn Battuta, a fellow Moroccan, who was widely known as the greatest traveler of all time, as he traveled the world and left his home country at the tender years of 21, same fate that Mr. Dekkak embarked, living in the U.A.E to do what he loves most; helping other entrepreneurs be successful.

Mohamed Dekkak is also an art collector. Nostalgia is one word to describe Mr. Dekkak, the reason why he was into a classic art collection. There is an old-time saying that cars are toys for big boys, and it is in the case of Mohamed Dekkak. He was particularly interested in collecting vintage luxury cars. Among his priced car collections are 1954 Jaguar XK-140, 1966 Mercedes 250SE, Limited Edition Rolls Royce Flying Spur, 1942 Chevrolet Fleet line, 1951 Land Rover Series 1, 1958 Bentley S1 and much more.

Mohamed Dekkak has also a great love for horses. Arabian Horses are the breed of horses infamous for having the qualities of endurance, speed, refinement, and stable. Usually, the Arabian Horses were used to being traded for breeding with other horses around the world.  As a Muslim himself, Mohamed Dekkak had an admiration and appreciation to the said breed of horses. He loves the thrill of being able to ride it and release the inner equestrian talent he has.

With a lot of things that juggle in his daily life, being Mohamed Dekkak was quite an experience. From his humble beginnings to his remarkable explorations to the business world and charity ventures, he has paved his way to the world as an inspiration to others that if we believe in our capabilities, nothing is impossible.